GEPPETTO STUDIOS, INC.  is still savoring the taste of adventure into its 33rd year since inception. Geppetto continues to enjoy an extraordinary reputation for highly imaginative costumes, puppets, and installations for film, television, and stage, as well as finely crafted custom fabrications for trade shows and special events.


Will Mills and Scott Molampy decided to bring their talents to the big city, and eventually found themselves planted in a drafty boarded-up storefront in an old tenement in “Alphabet City” (East 8th St. between Avenue's C and D in New York City).  Taking root all around them were the beginnings of the very soon to explode East Village art scene of the mid 80's (which practically overnight became a world class epicenter of it's own unique brand of art and culture). 

Aside from working along with Scott on various creative projects, Will, an accomplished painter, was exhibiting his work in East Village galleries.  Also at this time, both of them became increasingly attracted to theater, merging with projects of other Lower East Side artists and visionaries like Normand Valle and Reinaldo Arana in their “Green Oasis” Garden Theater.  For many years, Geppetto fabricated masks, costumes, and puppets for many wonderful community projects, including several children’s theatrical productions right there on their own block.

Today, through several different incarnations, locations, artistic upheavals, and all the other inevitable ups and downs that most small businesses endure, Geppetto is still around- and THRIVING!  The continuing story of Geppetto Studios is a true testament to the ever enduring creative spirit...  


Geppetto designs and fabricates for your custom needs, but if you have your own design concepts, please submit them to us.  We are fully willing to sign an NDF to protect your copyrighted characters/concepts.  Please send us your concepts via email and we will quickly provide you with an estimated cost and time frame for your project.  Forms of payment accepted are PayPal, check, or direct deposit.  Under normal conditions a 50% deposit is required in order to begin production.

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