Trade Shows

Geppetto Studios, Inc.

6 Foot Tall Hand with Pen (National Stationary Show)


            18 Foot  

Mech Warrior

         Staples Center

         Los Angeles, Ca.

          8 Foot ‘Bullwinkle Awards’ 

Universal Studios/Jacob Javitts, NYC


On the Go Marketing

  Customized Trade Show   Booths (Geppetto’s booth)

‘Wired for Sound’/ E3 show

Teletubbie floor display/ Ragdoll

A few years back, client TRI STATE PRODUCTIONS hired Geppetto Studios to fabricate an exact replica of a classic 1929 Royal Typewriter for The Las  Vegas Consumer Electronics Trade Show (seen  below).


Hasbro/Parker Brothers Showrooms

All through the 1990’s Geppetto worked with designers, Benjamin Lee, Inc. and LIV Design, fabricating colorful items for Hasbro and Parker Brothers’ Toy Showrooms.  Here are a few examples of the toys and gameboards that Geppetto fabricated three-dimensionally. (Photos: Krasner/Trebitz)

           The Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show


    Walk-Around Costumes
     (a mascot is a great way to promote your product!)

“Ice Bat” / Ugly Dolls

“Wedgehead” / Ugly Dolls

           “Aqua Dude” 

Aqua- Penn Spring Water

“Signal Sam” for traffic safety / State of Alabama

“Creepy Crawlers”


Florida Citrus Growers

“Ox” / Ugly Dolls

Tennis Ball Costume


Chameleon Costume for

Dewey Color Systems

“Jelly Bean”

“Jeoffrey- The Chocolate Rabbit” for Dylan’s Candy Bar

Right down to every last detail, including exquisite graphics, Geppetto artisans painstakingly crafted the 10 x 12 foot replica of the antique typewriter. The well planned installation of the massive, eye catching sculpture was quite stunning! CLICK HERE (or on photos) for pictures, videos, and articles!

              Trade Show Gallery

      Below are a few more examples of displays that Geppetto fabricated for various clients in the past 25 years...



Certainly among one of the most impressive sculptures, at least in scale, that Geppetto ever fabricated for a specific site was the 18 foot MECH WARRIOR (pictured at left with Scott).

Installed  in the main lobby of the Los Angeles Convention Center (for client Tom Barnes of LIV DESIGN), it ominously dwarfed the throngs of attendees at an E-3 Show.

Will with “Monster Mash”/ Client: BLI, Inc./ Hasbro

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(Left) Ice Bat BatMan, Ugly Dolls--- Comic Con 2014