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          “Lotta Luv”



The New York Film Premiere of  “KING KONG”  was an enormous success for Geppetto Studios and all involved... with endless thanks to Bert and Pat Michaels of HPM/ Jhada of New York-  event planners extraordinaire!

“Skull Island- Ahoy!”  Geppetto’’s skillful rock carving process seen here!

Empire Force Events (NYC) requested this Apis Bull sculpture for one of their clients.  Besides shipping it to many trade shows, it is also used for their client’s holiday parties.

World Yacht Club’s “Wizard of Oz” theme party on Pier 92 in New York City.

This “Jeoffrey-mobile” was used as part of the campaign to promote the Toys R Us Times Square Store opening. You may have even seen this vehicle (with his rubberized head) while “rubber-necking along” the highway! 


         Universal Studios NYC Film Premiere of Cinderella Man

Again, working under the talented direction of clients, Jhada of New York /Pat and Bert Michaels,  Geppetto constructed this elegant, 32 foot long replica of the famous, old Madison Square Garden Marquee. The gala was a huge success, especially with the rich,  stunning ambience of the magnificently lit landmark marquee.

Recently, Geppetto stopped Manhattan's mid-day traffic (not an easy feat by any stretch!) by wrapping the The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and School all up in red ribbon and bows, ala Christo! The colorful grand opening of the famous dance company's brand new headquarters on West 55th St. was quite dazzling as a decorative concept; as well as symbolizing this proud institution's many gifts to the cultural pulse of New York City!

On-the-Go Marketing commissioned Geppetto Studios to create this classic, replica bobsled for NBC SPORTS’ promotion of the American Bobsled Team at the last Winter Olympics. Scott is seen here seated in this sleek, fully operational model.


The Provincial Government of Alberta, Canada

These two 8 ft. florescent Tyrannosaurus Rex’s were created to flank the entrance to a gala exhibit in the Alberta Provincial  Museum of Natural History.  Their “job description” was to guard a valuable dinosaur tooth...  most likely one of their own species!

Lotta Luv”   NYC LOVE GODDESS, Lotta, is a lengendary costume/puppet character of Geppetto Studios.  Maybe you saw her at “Wigstock” in Tomkins Square Park many years back ... or then there was “Aids Walk NY”??!!! 

Lotta Luv is a FAB-u-lous Hostess, and LOVES to raise $$$ for those in need!

Photos from the New York Film Premiere of “KING KONG”

(Client, HPM/Jhada of New York)

It was, indeed, a thrill for Geppetto’s expert artisans to work along side the brilliantly talented, ACADEMY AWARD WINNING ART DIRECTOR,

Dan Hanna, on this wonderfully challenging and creative project.




Geppetto Studios also proudly participated in “Cow Parade NY 2000”, a fundraising event in NYC the summer of 2000 (Geppetto was sponsored by Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing). With the help of co-designer, Hilary Knight, the book series illustrator, Geppetto fabricated the delightful “Eloise” (based on Kay Thompson’s and Hilary Knight’s popular books).

CLICK HERE  to read about “Eloise the Cow”, who proudly stood in the small park in front of the elegant, old Plaza Hotel all that summer-  the very hotel where Eloise, in a slightly different incarnation, lived for many years.  “Eloise” was auctioned for charities at Sotheby’s that fall for $15,000.00!!!

        Client: On-the Go Marketing

                       On-the-Go/NBC SPORTS









Since the very early days in their storefront studio on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Geppetto has worked with SPECIAL EVENTS planners and designers, Pat and Bert Michaels of Jhada of New York. In recent years, under Jhada's expert direction, Geppetto fabricated several stunning installations for NYC film premieres for such films as “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar”, “Red Dragon”, “Cinderella Man”, and  “KING KONG”...   Other clients in this category include Empire Force Events... Polaroid Corporation... NBC Sports... Simon and Schuster... World Yacht Club... Virgin Airways... On the Go Marketing... Museum of Natural History of the Province of Alberta, Canada... J. Ward Productions (Bullwinkle For President! Yay!)... The Wall St. Journal... Great Expectations... Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and School... Toys R Us...  and many, many more...


WINS RADIO 25th Anniversary Party

Scott Molampy, again- this time with “Moscow” (client: Polaroid Corporation). Moscow was a fun & furry photo-op sculpture installed in Moscow’s Red Square for the American Dairy Association.

LEFT: For some reason, most kids love dinosaurs! (GEPPETTO GARDEN THEATER on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. (CLICK HERE  to read about our storefront days). RIGHT: Try to roll these DICE!!!  Well, fortunately for all present, they were made of foam rubber- as they were tossed on the ice at a hockey game in Hartford, Connecticut  (from 50 feet in the air!!!).

Geppetto Logo (round)_files

Meeting Hillary Knight was such a joy! It was a delight having him visit  Geppetto Studios, as he put his mark  on the beautiful bovine sculpture.  He had a very definite idea of what he wanted to see. Here Hillary is drawing the eyes on Eloise the Cow.

Lotta Luv hangin’ out at the FrozFruit booth again (later she confessed to flirting with the vendor!).





CLICK HERE  for more information and photos of LOTTA LUV!


Geppetto Studios’ own Scott Molampy with Cher, 1988, at a charity event in NYC  (wait--  is that really  Cher????).

William Mills hamming it up as Geppetto Studios’ Malcomb T. Megabucks, greeting guests at the Plaza Hotel, NYC, 1987.

  KING KAMAYAMAYA INSTALLATION  for an HPM/ Jhada of New York Hawaiian theme party. 

A GALA GRAND OPENING EVENT: Imagine a tactile, fantasy journey along the ancient Nile with exotic, soft sculpture!  A display of Egyptian hieroglyphics carved in foam provides inspiration for children of all ages at the New Jersey Explorer’s Museum.

And a soft sculpture trip down the Nile...

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