STAGE AND LIVE ENTERTAINMENT are among Geppetto's deepest passions- and working under the brilliant direction of Tony Award Winning Costume Designer, Gregg Barnes, has been a dream come true! Geppetto is endlessly thankful to Gregg for pulling them in on several projects, including the highly successful touring productions of "Dora the Explorer" and Mattel’’s "Barbie Fairytopia".

Geppetto's highly skilled artisans also meticulously crafted many of the elegant and imaginative costumes for the phenomenal "Pokemon Live" stage tour, under the direction of the amazingly talented costume designer, Yvette Helin... and with Reggie Ray, another incredibly creative costume designer, for the touring production of "Beauty and The Beast" (Baci Entertainment). Also, more recently, Geppetto had the fabulous privilege of fabricating many extraordinary puppets and costumes for Nickelodeon/Broadway Across America’s “Storytime Live!”....a marvelous “Cou Cou” costume for Cirque du Soleil’s “Zarkana”... and even a specially designed and fabricated leg brace for Porgy in Broadway’s 2012 rendition of “Porgy and Bess”!

GEPPETTO STUDIOS, INC., now located in "Quaint and Picturesque Sunset Park, Brooklyn", is still savoring the taste of adventure into it's 28th year since inception. Geppetto continues to enjoy an extraordinary reputation for highly imaginative costumes, puppets, and installations for film, television, and stage... as well as finely crafted custom fabrications for trade shows and special events.

TELEVISION: More recently, Geppetto’s “Moonman” costume rocked the white carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards Show in Los Angeles (last year it was a red carpet in NYC).    Another one of Geppetto's favorite returning clients is The Late Show with David Letterman. Just this past Halloween, they fabricated 9 costumes under the direction of The Late Show's costume designer, Susan Hum (see “LATE SHOW” PAGE). Geppetto has also produced costumes and puppets for Comedy Central, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The View, Nickelodeon, HBO, the Ellen Degeneres Show, SONY Music, Celebrity Apprentice... as well as over 70 puppets for MTV's outrageously satirical, "Wonder Showzen" (Vernon Chatman and John Lee)... Also, Geppetto has fabricated so many marvelous creations for television commercials over the years, that it is highly likely you may have seen a few of them!

FILM:  Geppetto has fabricated costumes, puppets, and props for such clients in film as Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures, Universal Studios, Dreamworks SKG, and Greg Stump Films to name a few. From the rare privilege of working with brilliant filmmaker, Diane Keaton, on the beautifully stylized retro-graphics of her cult favorite, "Heaven"... to that unforgettably cute and cuddly kangaroo in "Big Daddy", co-staring Adam Sandler, Geppetto has produced many widely diverse and entertaining projects...

Please visit the COSTUMES , PUPPETS , and FILM & VIDEO Pages to read about some of the exciting and challenging film projects Geppetto has had it's hands in over the years!

DISPLAY & SPECIAL EVENTS: Since the very early days in their storefront studio on the Lower East Side, Geppetto has crafted many exquisite, timeless statements in the display and decorative arts realm. One of their very earliest clients, going way back to the mid eighties, is HPM/Jhada Entertainment (which has long reigned as one of the top notch Special Events Planners and Designers in New York City- and beyond!).  Geppetto is extremely thankful to have worked under the brilliant artistic direction of Pat and Bert Michaels of Jhada of New York on so many marvelous events through the years. Under Jhada's expert creative guidance, Geppetto fabricated several stunning installations for New York City Film Premieres, including: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, Red Dragon, Cinderella Man, and  KING KONG.

Other clients in the SPECIAL EVENTS category that Geppetto is very grateful to have worked with include Empire Force Events, MTV Video Music Awards, World Yacht Club, Simon and Schuster, Virgin Airways, On the Go Marketing, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, the Museum of Natural History of the Province of Alberta, Canada...

Geppetto has also fabricated many showroom and trade show displays for very pleased clients like BLI, Inc. (Hasbro and Parker Brothers), LIV Design (Hasbro Interactive), Pressman Toys, Playmates Toys, 4Kids Entertainment, and J. Ward Productions (BULLWINKLE 4 PRESIDENT! YAY!!!!). Also, another excellent example of a very pleased client would have to include Design Compendium, for whom Geppetto’s artisans diligently fabricated an enchanting “Frosted Christmas Fantasyland” for the entire first floor of New York City’s famous Bloomingdales Department Store.

And in the interior-decor arena, back in the early 90’s, Geppetto worked on several memorable projects with the legendary native Parisian, Sam Lopata. Will and Scott will never forget Sam, who was a brilliant restaurant and night club designer who left his unique brand of creativity all over the world.  Other equally unforgettable clients Geppetto is very grateful to have worked with in the display category include FAO Schwarz, The Wall St. Journal, The Muppets, Empire Force Events, Toys R Us, and the Polaroid Corporation.

Whether it's creating cargo-containers full of laughing soft sculpture monkeys to be shipped off to the U.S. Island Territory of Guam- and repeat shipments to Phuket, Thailand... or an American dairy cow sculpture exhibited in Moscow's Red Square...

Geppetto's creations have traveled THE GLOBE!

An entire generation of children (who are probably quite "grown up" by now) may fondly recall many of the imaginative 3-D Illustration concepts that Geppetto produced for such magazines as Kid's City, Scholastic, 3,2,1- Contact, and National Geographic World Magazine. For a closer  peek at these timeless images, please visit our 


Scott Molampy and William Mills ---founders of Geppetto Studios, Inc.

Above left: Scott with “Wonder Showzen” puppets/ MTV (designed by Vernon Chatman and John Lee). Right: Will posing with giant brain costume (client: On the Go/ Best Buy).

It’s BIGFOOT!- and he created quite a stir on the set of director Greg Stump’s ‘Dinosaur Jr.’ music video, in production near Boulder, Colorado. The “Hot Pink Yeti” (worn by Scott Molampy) is pictured here playing around with delighted neighborhood kids in between takes of Dinosaur jr.’s “I don’t think so”. (Clients: Greg Stump Films/ Warner Brothers).

CLICK HERE  to view this very entertaining video- a truly classic Dinosaur jr. masterpiece!!!

Scott chumming with fish pole-puppets for  “Blues Clues Live”

Above left: “STORYTIME LIVE!”  Right: Fabulous Shanti, Geppetto’s LOVE GODDESS!!!).

COSTUMES AND PUPPETS  have been a big part of Geppetto’s repertoire since the very beginning...  from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, to the many colorful costumes crafted for extravagant venues like Radio City Music Hall...  to MTV’s Video Music Award Shows. Geppetto has long enjoyed a highly diverse client base, costuming actors and performers as diverse as Martin Short, Barry Manilow, Bruce Willis, Daniel Day-Lewis, Chris Rock, Ellen Degeneres, and Janet Jackson. And many others have also counted on Geppetto’s expertise to create highly original custom costumes and  puppets for video, stage, and television... including Pat Collins, Dinosaur Jr., David Letterman, Joan Rivers, Meredith Vieira, Donald Trump, Tim Robbins, Wu Tang Clan, Regis Philbin...  ../GEPPETTO_HYPERLINKS/Barry_Manilow.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0


then painted... details... and hung to dry... (including paint spattered Will-  the human being in the photo!).

...finished product!

From raw foam...

And some of the older kids may recall magazine images like the scuba-tank themed, "ABSOLUT DUKE", for Absolut Vodka. Geppetto collaborated on this magazine ad with the prestigious firm of Randolf Duke, which appeared in a memorable issue of Vanity Fair.

                   Celebrating Cutting Edge Innovation in Advertising.


(Les Morsillo, Photographer)

About Us


LEFT: Scott chillin’ at the “High-Noon Saloon” (1982).  RIGHT: And with the “Wing Wagon” (1982).

ADVERTISING: And in the advertising end of the business spectrum, Geppetto has produced creations for Saatchi & Saatchi, Rowland Worldwide, LHH&F, Ogilvy and Mather, Randolf Duke, Lovegren, Wishbone/ ITP, Inc., Euro RSCG Worldwide, On-the-GO, and DNA Creative to name a few. Also, please visit our  CONSTRUCTION PAGE  to read about how a job evolves- from concept to finished product, as well as a rather interesting request that came in a few years back from Virgin Airways (they wanted a 7 foot long, very realistic carrot for Sir Richard Branson, the airline owner and chairman, to use for a very innovative publicity stunt in New York City! ).

ABOVE LEFT: The bustling waterfront home of Geppetto Studios, Inc. in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY.  ABOVE RIGHT: View of our ‘hood’ from the Upper Bay of New York Harbor.  BELOW: Studio photo of two magnificent “Firebird” puppets in progress (designed by Tony Award winning costume designer, Gregg Barnes) for Mattel’s “Barbie Fairytopia” Touring Stage Production).

LEFT: Geppetto’s Scott Molampy clicked this photo of an extraordinary sunset from out of one of the studio windows in where else but... SUNSET PARK, BROOKLYN!!!     RIGHT: “Eloise the Cow” was commissioned by Simon and Schuster for Cow Parade 2000, and was installed in Grand Army Plaza (Fifth Avenue at 58th St.) in front of the Plaza Hotel.

Above left: Scott and Friends, East Village storefront, NYC, mid-80’s (photo: Krasner/Trebitz).

Center: Will playing in a foam scrap pile, mid-90’s. Right: Scott with Hasbro Interactive’s “Mech Warrior 3” Sculpture, Staples Center, Los Angeles, Ca.,1998 (client: LIV Design, NYC).


Sooo... Will and Scott decided to bring their talents to the big city... and eventually found themselves planted in a drafty boarded-up storefront in an old tenement in “Alphabet City” (East 8th St. between Avenue's C and D in New York City). Taking root all around them were the beginnings of the very soon to explode East Village art scene of the mid 80's (which practically overnight became a world class epicenter of it's own unique brand of art and culture).

Aside from working along with Scott on various creative projects, Will, an accomplished painter, was exhibiting his work in East Village galleries. Also at this time, both of them became increasingly attracted to theater, merging with projects of other Lower East Side artists and visionaries like Normand Valle and Reinaldo Arana in their “Green Oasis” Garden Theater. For many years, Geppetto fabricated masks, costumes, and puppets for many wonderful community projects, including several children’s theatrical productions right there on their own block.

Today, through several different incarnations, locations, artistic upheavals, and all the other inevitable ups and downs that most small businesses endure, Geppetto is still around- and THRIVING! Now in Sunset Park, Brooklyn (since February of 2006), the continuing story of Geppetto Studios is a true testament to the ever enduring creative spirit...  




To Continue to Part Two: Geppetto’s Lower East Side Years...


Diane Keaton’s  HEAVEN”

Way back in Geppetto’s East Village days, Scott Molampy worked with actress, writer, and director, Diane Keaton, on her artsy, cult-film favorite, “Heaven”. Scott created 20 headings for the film, all based on early twentieth century graphic styles. The airbrushed lettered headings were quite engaging as they were dramatically flashed on the screen, followed by interviews of various people.

Above, left:  “Mona”, a Mardi Gras style mask inspired by Will’s East Village era painting, “Zeubrothka”.  Above, right:  “The Bird Lady of North Conduit Avenue”, © William Arthur Mills 1987 (acrylic on canvas/ 20” x 26”).

*CLICK HERE  to visit Geppetto’s “Lower East Side Years” Page.





Several years back, Matthew Lesko called Geppetto, enquiring about putting into action an idea he had for a ‘book costume’, to further promote his best selling, “metropolis telephone book sized”, HOW TO WRITE AND GET A GRANT. The costume was a huge success, and just a few months later, Matthew contacted Geppetto Studios again to construct a realistic foam rubber computer for one of his appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Matthew Lesko’s story is just one example of how Geppetto assists in helping to bring a client’s vision into the 3-dimensional realm. Please visit our  MATT LESKO PAGE  to read more about how a client’s initial idea manifests into a ‘finished product’. The many photos and articles on this page help to illustrate how a client’s earliest seed-kernel of an idea moves forward to a ‘working concept’... and then, from the ‘working concept’ stage to a drawing stage... and from a drawing to a prototype (sometimes) stage... and then, into the multi-leveled creative process of it’s fabrication.

CLICK HERE  to view Scott’s brilliant graphics (and film trailers!) for Diane Keaton’s classic “HEAVEN”

StoryTime Live!


Also at this time, Scott had just stumbled upon what seemed at the time to be “just another sign painting/ air brush job”, but it ended up altering the course of his- and Will’s- life! Scott took on the job of airbrushing and hand lettering the outside of two trailers that traveled the country fair and carnival circuit. The client’s request was to faux paint them to appear as though they had just rolled in straight out of the old west. Scott will always remember this experience as the sign painting job that beckoned him toward soft sculpture...  and the calling was coming from inside one of those trailers!

“Inside the HIGH NOON SALOON (below, left) ‘lived’ a motley group of coin operated ‘Wild West’ characters, like the kind one might see at a seedy carnival”, says Scott, “a bartender, a piano player, a saloon girl... all constructed of foam and polyfil, and held together with nylon stockings. All of these figures had been badly vandalized, and my client asked me if I could also fix them. So I told him that I’d give it a try. Anyway, I repaired them- loved the technique- and gradually it evolved to what it is now-  GEPPETTO STUDIOS!”

   Geppetto Studios, Inc.


The seeds of Geppetto Studios first sprouted way back in the Fall of 1982 in Utica, NY, a sleepy, former industrial city nestled in the majestic Mohawk Valley region of Central New York State. William Arthur Mills, a painter and art teacher, and Scott Molampy (aka Damaru), a recent graduate of the University of Buffalo (School of Graphic Design and Illustration), converged upon their hometown around the same time. Meeting at a local event downtown, the two hit it off immediately- and soon began collaborating on various art projects in the Utica-Rome area...

Illustration of Utica, New York by William Arthur Mills/ Watercolor and ink/ 26” x 34”. Commissioned by the ©Landmarks Society of Greater Utica, NY; with a matching grant from the Gannet Foundation,1980. Print released at the time of Utica’s Sesquicentennial,1832-1982 (printed by Brodock Press, Utica, NY).

A true testament to the ever enduring, creative spirit.

Using the same techniques that he had learned on the soft sculpture figures that he had repaired in the “High-Noon Saloon” just weeks earlier, Scott fabricated two over-sized Frankenstein-esque masks for a Halloween Contest Party at a big nightclub in Rome, NY,... and in the wee hours of the following morning, Scott and Will drove happily away with the cash purse of first prize! And from that moment in time on, their entrepreneurial-istic wheels began to turn.