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New York City loooooooves Shanti!!!

It was at one of the very early (1991)  WIGSTOCK FESTIVALS in Tompkins Square Park (on the Lower East Side of Manhattan) where New Age Love Goddess, Shanti (then known by her stage name, Lotta Luv) first bounced out of the sumptuous folds of her foam rubber world. A fashion icon to this very day, Shanti maintains that she was deeply inspired by all the  GROOVY RETRO MOD  still celebrated among the ultra-lovely set everywhere!

Shanti is just one of the many delightful characters “brought to life” by Devaloka/ Geppetto Studios!  She is, indeed, a sassy and glamorous diva with a lotta of HEART AND SOUL-  New York City sure thinks so! 

Recently resurfacing with a whole new look, Shanti has hit the streets-  and is turning a lotta heads!  Why?  Could it be that  FAB  three and a half foot beehive piled high on those spectacular blonde locks (that drag on the sidewalk as she walks along the bustling streets)?  Maybe it’s those size 11 gold platform shoes?  Whatever it is, undeniably, she is one gorgeous, charming, glamourous, and LOVABLE  creature!

Shanti is up to her antics again!  Here she is with Will and another little friend, volunteering at AIDS WALK NY in Central Park. She has been a huge inspiration to several generations of New Yorkers through the years, cheering on hundreds of thousands of walkers at this annual event.  Shanti is mega fun, especially doing what she does best...  opening hearts  and exuding peace wherever she goes!!!

“It’s especially rewarding when I really connect with someone,”  Damaru exclaims as he breaks into a heartfelt smile, “Puppets can allow one to cross the many barriers and judgments that people usually project on to one another.  Those walls come tumbling down every time I step into Shanti.  Something shifts inside us and we get to see each other face to face in pure naked laughter.  I love to get people to laugh. That’s when all of us are most beautiful-  even radiant!”

“It feels so fabulous to be transformed into Shanti,” says Damaru (aka Scott Molampy) with sparkly, enthusiastic eyes.  “I love being love playing itself!  When I perform in this magical puppet, my task is to become the very embodiment of this warm, innocent, and unconditionally loving ‘gift’ of a character!  Shanti just exudes this profound charisma.  She’s very honest, humble, and unassuming.  She’s also a lotta fun!”

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Shanti hangin’ out and flirting with the boyz at the FrozFruit booth again !!!

XXXXOOO!!! Gimme a call, Honey!

Shanti enjoying a relaxing moment at home with her precious pet pig, “Stella”

(notice that Stella is already eying Shanti’s dazzling new Cartier bracelet.

Oh, do be careful Shanti, Stella has an insatiable appetite for BLING!).

Always the perfect and gracious hostess, here is a glimpse of Shanti inviting you in to her spacious and elegantly appointed New York City digs. 

The cameras are always clickin’- and love abounds- when Shanti is around!!!

“XOXOOOXOOO’s, Sweeties! I luv ya all !!!,” exclaims Shanti

C’mon in, Sweetie!!!

Shanti-  born to rollerblade!

Shanti’s dazzling amethyst ring stole the show again!