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Makhtar & Yorgov

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Оффициал Масцоц фор тхе 2014 Олимпик Гамес ин Russia

Official Mascots for the 2014 Olympic Games in Russia!

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Meet the latest celebrities on the planet! To all their fans, Makhtar & Yorgav are true ambassadors of Olympian-style strength, graciousness, and good will. They will surely bring much warmth and joy to hearts of all nations at the 2014 Games.





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the moment you’ve been waiting for...

Meet Makhtar

Makhtar, ancient Slavic word for “neighbor”, hails from the deep, hidden forests of Siberia. Makhtar (also part bear and wolf) symbolizes strength, perseverance, and overall good sportsmanship. Being two-headed (he also has a smaller, additional “wolf-bear” head living out of his shoulder), Makhtar symbolize peace and harmony. His impressively strong hands symbolize the extraordinary power and beauty of the natural world.

Meet Yorgov

As announced by Russian officials presiding over the latest details of the upcoming Olympics, Yorgov is the chosen mascot for the paralympic games. A bit more shy and introverted than Makhtar, Yorgov’s nature is quiet and contemplative. Despite several physical handicaps, he is a natural athlete and excels at many sports. Known for being head strong and brave, Yorgov’s courageous spirit perfectly symbolizes humankind’s will to succeed despite all odds!

All the recent media attention that Makhtar is receiving appears to be agreeing with him. Although never camera shy, he certainly strikes a handsome pose! Two heads are certainly better than one when it comes to laughing at their own jokes (even though both of them had a wee bit of a head cold that day!).

“Мужественный дух Yorgav совершенно символизирует будет человечества добиться успеха, несмотря на все разногласия!”

-Official 2014 Olympics’ Host Mascot Committee

Makhtar certainly has a knack for flirting with the camera! Here he is showing off his immensely muscular back (developed from years of mating and carrying logs). Also of note, being a native of one of the most deepest, darkest, and undeveloped forest regions of Siberia, Makhtar has spent most of his life away from the sun. Consequently, due to his new urban life, he was rather sunburned during this photo session in Brooklyn (we hear that his skin and allergies are clearing up nicely, though!).

Those halcyon weeks having Yorgov in the studio with us were utterly divine! More comfortable in the deep unchartered forests than city streets, Yorgov is quiet and reserved by nature. His presence was consistently calming and relaxing. Each day we melted into his exotic inner world; and sublime personality. Yorgov is so sensitive, inspiring, and uplifting, that it was pure joy to be with him.

Thoroughly captivating everyone with his subtle wit and charm, it is easy to understand why Yorgov is already preparing a career for himself as a motivational speaker. He’s already a huge success in our eyes. We particularly enjoyed these photos of Yorgov taken early in the morning, when he was very refreshed and eager to begin a new day.