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MTV Video Music Awards


Clockwise, top left: Katy Perry dancing with Moonman at the MTV Video Music Awards Show at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on September 12th, 2010. The famous MTV Music Video Awards mascot was fabricated right here at Geppetto Studios in picturesque Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York. Top right: More fun with Katy Perry and Moonman. Middle right photo: Close up of the highly coveted Moonman Trophy (which Geppetto Studios’ highly skilled artisans used as a model for the fabrication of the Moonman suit). Lower right: Moonman trophy held by an elated Justin Beiber, winner of the MTV VMA for Best New Artist 2010.

Clockwise, top left: Dane Cook, stand up comedian and film actor, chillin’ with Moonman on the white carpet. Top left:  Moonman with MTV’s “Jersey Shore” hunk, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, treating the cameras to a peek at his famous six pack. Bottom right:  Singer-songwriter and record producer, Kevin Rudolf, chumming with Moonman at the pre show. Bottom left: A close up of Moonman reveals that Moonman is really Moonwoman (a press woman actually met up with her in the Nokia Theater’s Ladies Room!).

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LIVE from Radio City Music Hall


Along with Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Green Day, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Pink, Kristine Cavallari, Madonna, Lauren Conrad, Cobra Starship, Tyson Ritter...  MOONMAN (fabricated right here  at GEPPETTO STUDIOS) ROCKED the RED CARPET at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 13th, 2009.

BELOW RIGHT: Several weeks in the making, and true to every detail, Geppetto Studios’ highly skilled artisans painstakingly fabricated this wearable version of the MTV Music Awards Trophy.

ABOVE: Actress, author, and fashion designer, Lauren Conrad (from MTV’s “The Hills”), whoops it up with Moonman (who has a reputation for being quite the flirt!) on the Red Carpet at Radio City Music Hall.

BELOW: Sensational singer-songwriter and musician, Katy Perry, and Moonman, also getting close and chummy at the Pre-Show.

ABOVE: Close up of the MTV Video Music Awards Trophy which the “Moonman” suit was modeled after (both trophy and costume were modeled after N.A.S.A.’s original design for Buzz Aldrin’s space suit. Incidentally, Buzz was the second man to walk on the moon- after Neil Armstrong, of course- in the summer of 1969).

LEFT: Kanye West and Amber Rose arriving on the red carpet (notice that Moonman is already sizing up the situation... "Hmmmm...", he, no doubt, is already thinking, "fasten your seat belts, America, it's going to be a bumpy night!").

BELOW RIGHT: More of Lauren Conrad and Moonman. These two just couldn’t get enough of each other that evening!

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