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Home    About Us      Costumes       Puppets        Props & Display        Special Events

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ABOVE RIGHT: A love sick and KONG INFATUATED William Mills offering a special performance just for King Kong in a New York City subway station (move over Fay Wray).

BELOW: Geppetto also fabricated this replica of the Empire State Building’s observation deck as a gathering area for guests at the premiere (the structure was exquisitely lit from it’s interior).

“Skull Island- Ahoy!”

Geppetto Studios’ skillful rock carving process...

The 2005 New York Film Premiere of  “KING KONG”  inside enormous Pier 92 was an enormous success for Geppetto Studios and all involved...  with endless thanks to Bert and Pat Michaels of HPM Entertainment/ Jhada of New York-  event planners extraordinaire!

It was also a huge thrill for Geppetto’s expert artisans to work along side the brilliantly talented, Academy Award winning art director, Dan Hennah, on this wonderfully challenging and creative project.

PHOTO ABOVE AND BELOW LEFT: Sections of the ever formidable grimacing facade gracing the protective barrier wall of Skull Island.

100 x 60 Feet of Carved Foam Wall Sections!

From raw, unpainted, foam to... viola!... the exotic, time encrusted carved rock reef of Skull Island! These studio photos capture Geppetto’s highly skilled artisans diligently at work in the process of fabricating the ominous wall-  comprising a total of 100 x 60 feet of intricately carved foam sections to create the continuous barrier wall.

“The island is shaped like a large hand with long, skeletal fingers. It is surrounded by carved stone reefs, made to resemble faces crying out in anger and pain, and is criss-crossed by an enormous stone wall and covered with jungle-swallowed ruins that are countless generations old, which are all that remain of an unknown, ancient human civilization (possibly Mu) that somehow once existed and thrived on Skull Island.”   -Dan Hennah

Official film poster for “KING KONG”

“Few films can compete with the longevity of King Kong . The film is as popular today, on television and in revival theaters, as it first was in its initial release in 1933. Ironically, the film's contemporary setting of 1933 has now made it a period piece, though the ideas and themes have never aged.”  -Linda J. Obalil

ABOVE: Actual 1930’s movie marquee from film advertising “KING KONG”.

Dan and Chris Hennah’s Highly Creative Visit to Geppetto Studios

It was such a thrill to have the art director for King Kong, Dan Hennah, and his lovely wife, Chris, visit us at Geppetto Studios- all the way from New Zealand! Dan is an Academy Award winning- and Global Satellite Award winning- supervising film art director. Aside from being an amazing husband-wife team, Dan and Chris are fascinating, creative, and just super wonderful people. Of course, to say the least, their superb direction was instrumental in achieving the ‘look’ of the imposing wall sections.

“Imagine”, wrote Dan in an email that came in a few days before he and Chris’ arrival in New York City, “the wall was made from volcanic rock by a previous civilization... perhaps three or four thousand years ago. The natives on this side of the wall have very little food, so have eaten any and all vegetation other than some lichens and mosses...”

When it came to giving us a few pointers, Dan, the ever consummate artist, had absolutely no reservations about rolling up his sleeves and jumping right into the spray booth with us. The real fun began when he demonstrated his technique of flicking- splashing- and then more flicking- of a ‘mucky watery wash’ on the volcanic gray surface (with the pre-painted undercoating of red oxide bleeding through in areas). Then we airbrushed subtle highlights of yellow ochre and deep aqua blue to imbue ‘the rock’ with a convincing organic look. Shellac was then used in some areas to give the it a very realistic shiny wet rock finish. It was pure creative joy for all of us!