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Is There Sex In Heaven?



Heaven 2

LOWER LEFT: Halloween at the “Late Show” with David Letterman. “Confiscated Toiletries at Airport Security Costumes”  (vinyl adhesive printing over EVA foam). Above: Hungry Man Films/ NFL Industrial Film (hand lettered!).

RIGHT: Exquisite Bull sculpture with 8” letters for client, EMPIRE FORCE EVENTS.

Toys R Us/On The Go Marketing (42nd St. NYC Grand Opening!)


McDonalds spot with Regis Philbin

Above right: A tactile journey along the ancient Nile with exotic, soft sculpture(?#!!?)  A display of Egyptian hieroglyphics carved in foam provides inspiration for children of all ages at the New Jersey Explorer’s Museum.

The young entrepreneur, Scott Molampy, proudly displaying his magnetic sheeting images designed for the side of commercial vehicles.

National Stationary Show, NYC.

Hand lettered costumes



Empire Force Events

Scott LOVES lettering (he’s been doing it professionally since he was in high school), and his handiwork as a sign painter ranges from stage design to elegant restaurant signs... chic boutiques... exquisite costumes... Sanskrit graphics... Egyptian hieroglyphics... film graphics... trucks... ambulances... cargo vans... 

                          Here are some (ancient) photos of...

          Geppetto Logo carved in FR foam (with Chip and Archer of DREAMWORKS, SKG)

RIGHT: NEW YORK CITY FILM PREMIERE OF CINDERELLA MAN. Designed by Bert and Pat Michaels of HPM Entertaiment/ Jhada of NY. The dazzlingly lite letters spoke volumes about the deep passionate emotions throughout this film. Geppetto painstakingly constructed this exact replica of the landmark 32’ x 8’ Madison Square Garden Marquee.

Diane Keaton’s   HEAVEN”

NOW LET”S GO BACK A FEW YEARS...  Scott Molampy, a talented youngster fresh out of college and already working on a few freelance projects, stumbled onto this “High Noon Saloon” gig. It began as just another interesting sign painting job, but it ended up altering the course of his life!

He will always remember it as the sign painting job that beckoned him toward soft sculpture... 

and the calling was coming from inside one of these two trailers!

“Inside the HIGH NOON SALOON trailer ‘lived’ a motley group of coin operated ‘Wild West’ characters”, says Scott, “constructed of foam, polyfil, and all held together with nylon stockings. The sculptures inside were vandalized, and my client asked me if I could fix them. So I told him that I’d give it a try. Anyway, I loved the technique and it progressed to what it is now- GEPPETTO STUDIOS!!!”

The Wing Wagon  1982

The High Noon Saloon  1982


NovoPen Jr./ Novo Nordisk (Fun Factory)

Geppetto Logo carved in ELE-FR foam

A rich variety of graphics and signage projects...

A few years back, client TRI STATE PRODUCTIONS hired Geppetto to fabricate an exact replica of a classic 1929 Royal Typewriter for The Las  Vegas Consumer Electronics Trade Show (seen  below).

This well planned design concept- and completed installation-  was quite stunning!

Right down to every last detail, Geppetto artisans painstakingly crafted an exact 10 x 12 foot replica of the classic antique typewriter. CLICK HERE  (or on photos) for pictures, videos, and articles!

Carving letters into the various forms of foam available on the market is just one of Geppetto’s  fortes.

Way back in Geppetto’s East Village days, Scott Molampy worked with actress, writer, and director, Diane Keaton, on her artsy, cult-film favorite, “Heaven”.  Scott created 20 airbrushed headings for the film, all based on early twentieth century graphic styles. The lettered headings were quite engaging as they were dramatically flashed on the screen, followed by interviews of various people.  Here are 5 of our favorites... CLICK HERE  for more on Diane Keaton’s “HEAVEN”.


Scott with “HIGH NOON SALOON” trailer (enlarged)

Hand Lettered Trucks







Classic Sign painting (even a sign post!) wayyyyyyyy up

in the clouds in the magical  Rainbow Room

Up above the clouds on the 65th floor! Since its debut on October 3rd, 1934,

the Rainbow Room in 30 Rock has epitomized New York style, glamour and sophistication... and then, of course, there’s that spectacular view of New York City!

And here’s glamourous Will (no, the photo on the left!), in the Rainbow Room in broad daylight... taking a moment to pose while overseeing an installation for client, Barkley-Kalpak Associates, a New York City based event design and production company. Any moment is the right moment to express Geppetto’s sentiments to our “Dear, Dear, Mother Brooklyn” !!! 

Visit the Rainbow Room:

A little history...

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3 Dimensional Signage (Client: Empire Force Events)


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Geppetto Studios’ Scott Molampy posing with 3 foot tall (21 foot long) VICTOZA signage.



ABOVE; 7’ laminated foam letter C’s.  8 were made for a hepatitis C awareness program sponsored by Arnold Worldwide/Jack Russell Group NYC.