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Babaji’s Philosophy for World Peace

‘Babaji’s’ philosophy for attaining world peace is profoundly simple: He asks us to open our minds and hearts to an awareness of the Oneness that we eternally share with all of creation. His cosmic mission is to teach, by demonstration, a heartfelt vision of what a world at peace could really look like!

This larger than life hand-and-rod yogi-puppet with a long beard and waist length silver hair, weaves intricate tales from his many journies throughout our spiritually saturated galaxies, as well as from his frequent earthly and inner travels. Babaji and his friends offer inspirational readings from The Upanishads, The Ramayana, The Yoga Vasistha, A Course in Miracles, and many other inspirational classics from worldwide spiritual traditions.

"And I would like to add that I think we are really all like sadhus… each and every one of us…When we are born, we all come into this world naked, wet, cold, and hungry. Then things get worse!" 


                                                  -Sri Natyayogarishi Mahamayananda

"Always remember that the mysterious forces of maya pervade this entire world! Duality is the nature of all that exists here in the material realm. It is all such an exquisite contradiction!!! Darkness and Light! This reminds me, why do you think that duct tape is like ‘The Force’? Well… it has a light side and a dark side… and it holds the universe together !!!"

                                      -Swami Gandarvalokananda


Devaloka is a not a place, philosophy, or state of mind- rather, it is the absolute awareness of our oneness with all of creation. The sanskrit word, Devaloka, means Planet, or Celestial Realm, of the Shining Ones- the divine sphere of the Gods and Goddesses. If there is a specific mission behind Devaloka, it is about claiming- and sharing- the endless effulgent Light within. This is the birthright of each and every one of us. We can not seek for this awareness; we must BE this awareness. The Devaloka ceaselessly beckons us to return to the knowledge that we are already this Light!

The Devaloka is said to be the best of the three worlds, reached only through the realization of the supreme knowledge of the One Self Within. We are all, forever, this ONE SELF- eternally nameless, formless, and limitless. However, our job, as spiritual aspirants, is to remove the obstacles, or veil, shrouding the awareness of this immutable perfection- our true and glorious nature as this ONE SELF WITHIN. Only then may we claim our immutable heritage as Gods and Goddesses of the Devaloka.

Damaru (Scott Molampy) and William Arthur Mills (Will) of Devaloka Productions.

Aum Namah Shivaya!

Visiting kirtan leader, Lynn Margileth, leading a group into ecstatic chant with the sensitive and highly skilled accompaniment of Terrance Pompey.


Aside from being a brilliant designer and fabricator at Geppetto/Devaloka, William Arthur Mills is also a visual artist. His paintings and drawings are represented in art collections and publications throughout The United States, as well as Temple of the Devaloka. Will is also a writer of metaphysical subjects, and is currently in the process of publishing a journal of spiritual writing and drawing.

Will also builds devotional shrines, which he installs in yoga and kirtan centers in the New York City Metropolitan Area. Over the past several years, he has created a temple to Ardhanarishwara, which has an extraordinary collection of over 500 Hindu icons- many of which he painted himself. Will is also an interfaith minister, and was ordained in 1998 at The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City.


Damaru (the name of Lord Shiva's drum), is a well known singer, percussionist, and ektara player in the New York City area. A very sincere practitioner of sacred healing sound as a pathway to the divine within, Damaru is passionately interested in a wide range of global music. Though he passionately embraces music derived from all authentic spiritual traditions, he is especially attracted to Kirtan.

Damaru graciously shares his musical talents through a wide variety of venues. He has played with many well known musicians, including several internationally renown kirtan wallahs. Damaru is a familar face at many spiritual organizations and yoga centers, including Jivamukti Yoga Center, N.Y.C., Ananda Ashram, Monroe, New York, The Cathedral of St. John The Divine, N.Y.C., The Open Center, N.Y.C., Integral Yoga Institute, N.Y.C., and Kripalu Holistic Healing Center in Lenox, Massachusetts.

A blissful Damaru demonstrates yet another practical (and refreshing!) use of BHAVA POWER. This particular ingenious invention spreads this bliss in every direction. Damaruji's splendid bhava-generated cosmic windmill contraption, generated by ecstatic sound waves produced while chanting with his gopichand, also provides soothing bliss-permeated relief and comfort for all on a humid summer's eve.

"All the powers in the universe are already eternally ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.                  

                                                                       -Swami Vivekananda

Sri Sri Sri Natyayogarishi (‘Babaji’), pausing in a moment of contemplative bliss.

Above left: The ever jubilant Swami Gandarvalokananda breaking out into passionate song. Above right: Babaji is head morphing- again!!!


Affectionately known to billions of unaccountable beings throughout billions of unaccountable universes, Sri Natyayogarishi, affectionately known as, simply, ‘Babaji’, is one of the central characters of Theater of the Devaloka. Babaji travels between many different, dazzling worlds and dimensions… attending interplanetary peace conferences, celestial picnics, raves, skiing and surfing competitions… and anywhere that He can get a laugh! Throughout the furthest reaches of the galaxies, "The Celestial One" is well known for His uncanny gift for freeing minds with His enchanting presense- and bizarre, ‘supernova’ sense of humor!

Above left: Babaji relaxing in the inner chamber of his meditation cave. Above right: Will reading the Chandi Path durring a break. “Now this is REAL power,” exclaims Will, “salutations again and again and again to the Devi (Goddess), Who, pervading the entire universe, abides in all forms of consciousness”.

The Sacred Inner Chamber of The Heart

Babaji’s gatherings are always quite lively- including sacred storytelling, music (bhajans and kirtan), dance, humor- and other puppets! Babaji has an extraordinary gift for igniting the light within each and every one of us. He gently guides His audiences in the processs of removing the obstacles to the awareness of our truest nature, ‘The Self’- which is the peace and joy that is always available to us. With warmth, wisdom, and humor, Babaji humbly invites us to go within- without swerving, into the Light-filled Sacred Inner Chamber of The Heart!


“There is a wonderful sanskrit word for artist: Pratimakara, which means, literally, “image maker”. Pratima means “image” or “icon”; and kara means “maker” or “giver”. Somehow this word seems less ‘loaded’ and affected to me than “artist”.

“Image making offers a window into the Self, the reality of our own pure, intrinsic nature. In this ‘space’, we are offered a glimpse of the reinvigorating stillness beyond thought. Here, we are granted a peek through a few loose or torn threads in the vast cosmic veil- shrouding the world in bedazzling illusion. This wondrous fabric, called the universe, is intricately spun from every fiber imaginable (including some fibers that are completely inconceivable to us). Nonetheless, they, like every thing else, are composed of 100 percent maya”.         

                                                                    -William Arthur Mills

“Eternally weaving Itself into the Woof of the Universe, Maha Mother Maya is like an infinitely expanding veil of desires. Woven from the vast, ever changing multiplicities of nature, She Herself has become each and every minute fiber. Stretching endlessly into the cosmos, all is Hers and Hers alone. But on the other side of Mother Maya’s insatiable energy and incessant movement is another very different world, She has yet another face... beyond name and form, pervaded by utter stillness, tranquility, and quiescence, is the One Self-  the Self of All.”         


                                                                       -William Arthur Mills

A Celebration of the Oneness of Spirit

Devaloka is a spiritually-saturated celebration of the ONENESS of spirit- exploring sacred art, music, kirtan, puppet theater, spiritual teachings, seva... and much, much more. Drawing upon the rich- and seemingly endless- spiritual traditions throughout the world, Devaloka is dedicated to opening the door of the heart (perhaps just a crack!), and stepping into the radiant, light-filled, temple within. Embracing the Great Mystery is the key to experiencing life in all it’s fullness- it’s interconnectedness- which is the essence of what we truly ARE.

The passionate mission of Devaloka’s founders, Rev. William Arthur Mills and Damaruji (Scott Molampy), is to share artistically exhilarating and entertaining communal events which inspire us to regard each moment of our lives as a sacred celebration. In doing so, we are claiming our inherent spiritual wisdom; to inform, inspire, and guide us through our lives. All aspects of the Devaloka delight in offering a few clues of this remembrance- the immutable oneness that we share with every aspect of creation!


Theater of the Devaloka was established by William Arthur Mills and Damaruji (Scott Molampy) in the Spring of 2001. Professional puppet and costume designers and fabricators, Will and Damaru are the owners of Geppetto Studios, Inc. located in “quaint and picturesque” Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Since 1986, Geppetto Studios has built an extraordinary reputation for highly imaginative costumes, puppets, and masks for stage, film, and television; as well as finely crafted props, custom displays, and commercial interiors.

William Arthur Mills/ “Aum”/ Acrylic on aged wood

(mounted on wood panel) 37.5 x 30”/ 2001


“The mantra AUM stands for the supreme state of Turiya- without parts, beyond birth and death, and the symbol of everlasting joy. Those who know AUM as the Self become the Self; truly, they become the Self. Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti.”   -Mandukya Upanishad

Also, the Mandukya Upanishad defines turiya as: "The fourth state which is not that which is conscious of the subjective, nor that which is conscious of the objective, nor that which is conscious of both, nor that which is simple consciousness, nor that which is all-sentient mass, nor that which is all darkness. It is unseen, transcendent, the sole essence of the consciousness of Self, and the completion of the world."

William Arthur Mills/ “Ardhanarishwara”/ Acrylic on canvas/ 72” x 46”/ 2005

An ecstatic Damaru leading a group in sacred chant at One Spirit Learning Alliance, New York City.

William Arthur Mills/ “Shankara’s Paintbrush”

Acrylic and collage on wood/ 23.5 x 16”/ 2003

A Brief History of Theater of the Devaloka

Theater of the Devaloka has performed at various venues in the New York City Metropolitan Area, including Princeton Center for Yoga and Health (NJ),  Integral Yoga Institute (NYC), Jaya Yoga (Brooklyn, NY) and, of course, Devaloka Theater in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Also, Theater of the Devaloka has had the very high honor of performing for such illustrious Indian citizens as Shree Ma of Kamakeya and Swami Satyananda Saraswati of the Devi Mandir. In fact, Theater of the Devaloka’s very first performance anywhere was at a week long Chandi Path (Durga Saptasati) Retreat with Shree Maa and Swamiji in Leesport, Pa. in the Spring of 2001. The following year, Will and Damaru performed at a New York City reception for their dear and beloved friend, the late Swami Ma Chetan-Jyoti, founder of Shree Krishna Kripa Asharam in Rishikesh, India.


Supreme Patron of All the Arts and Sciences, Lord Ganesha, “First Among the Celestials”, is appropriately recognized as the Lord of Obstacles. Always lucid and discriminating, Ganesha lifts our hearts and minds- ceaselessly guiding us toward fresh and new beginnings. He is the Master of Ceremonies so to speak. As such, He is always present at the beginning of all endeavors (including webpages!). Physically closer to us than all the other Hindu deities, it is said that Ganesha is the very embodiment of the material plane of consciousness. 

In the form of Panchamukhi, depicted above, Lord Ganesha is shown as having five faces. “Pancha” means five and “mukhi” means faced. In some systems of thought, Panchamukhi Ganesha is the embodiment of the five koshas (meaning the five "sheaths", or coverings, of the Atman- or Self- as expressed in Vedantic philosophy). These sheaths are often visualized like the layers of an onion. When invited into our lives, Panchamukhi Ganesha assists us in the task of peeling away the obstacles that mask the awareness of our true boundless nature.


Vishnu is knowledge; Lakshmi is understanding.

Vishnu is righteousness; Lakshmi is righteous action.

Vishnu is the sun; Lakshmi is the sunlight.

Vishnu is the moon; Lakshmi is the moon’s glowing radiance.

Vishnu is space; Lakshmi is the sky.

Vishnu is the ocean; Lakshmi is the shore.

Vishnu holds the weapon; Lakshmi is might.

Vishnu is the groom; Lakshmi is the bride.

Vishnu is love; Lakshmi is passion.

Vishnu is all pervading; Lakshmi also pervades all things.

Vishnu and Lakshmi are all existence;

There is nothing beyond these two-in-one.

-from the Vishnu Purana

Above left: Swami Gandarvalokananda preparing to treat us to his splendid singing and blissful ektara accompaniment. Above right: Babaji and his very dear friend, Swami On-and-On-and On-Ananda. When these two get together they are usually quite confounding- but never fail to inspire and amuse!

And here’s Amritesh, the consummate storyteller- spinning a yarn as usual!

William Arthur Mills/ “Forever One with the Mother”

Ink and colored pencil on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/ 2007

नमः शिवाय

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Above left: Legendary kirtan singer, Swami Ma Chetan-Jyoti (from Rishikesh, India), visiting us here in Brooklyn in the Summer of 2002. Above right: Shree Maa of Kamakhya and Swami Satyananda Saraswati of the Devi Mandir in Napa, California.

Luscious Love Goddess, Shanti, exudes pure love and joy (she is also a phenomenal little yogini, exuding waves of laughter and bliss everywhere she goes). Shanti now has her own webpage, too-  CLICK HERE  to visit her!

And then there’s...


ABOVE (clockwise from left): Damaru hopping about as Frederick the Frog (pure passion for keeping in character- though usually his knees will ache for weeks later!). Top right: Damaru and Swami Gandarvalokananda entertaining young yogis and yoginis at Jaya Yoga East in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, NY. Lower right: Damaru as the gentle and poetic Omkara, treating us with his highly passionate and sensitive drumming skills (and you should see him dance!). Lower left: More of Damaru and Swami Gandarvalokananda at Jaya Yoga.

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Swami Gandharvalokananda in a contemplative moment... adrift on his yoga ball.


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