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Fresh Brains to Go! BIG, ADORABLE, and FRIENDLY.... here are just two of six brain costumes (each one cuter than the last!), patiently waiting to be prettied up with more airbrushing in the spray booth! All of them were such a delight! Just look at how polite and well behaved these two newborns are!

Will cozy-ing up with a fresh new brain costume (one of six) for Best Buy’s “Brain Playground Day”

(Client: On the Go Marketing/ for Best Buy’s “Brain Playground Day”).

C’mon! There’s lots to remember!*!!

No wonder Willy looks a bit confused... being dressed as a brain carries a huge weight on one’s shoulders. Brains can be demanding to wear, too, as one is never quite certain how to accessorize! Just imagine: “The brain monitors and regulates the body's actions and reactions. It continuously receives sensory information, and rapidly analyzes this data and then responds accordingly by controlling bodily actions and functions”... that’s a lot to think about!

Not present in this costume, however, is the brainstem controlling breathing, heart rate, and other autonomic processes that are independent of conscious brain functions. The neocortex is the center of higher-order thinking, learning, and memory. The cerebellum is responsible for the body's balance, posture, and the coordination of movement. WOW! No wonder Willy looks so out of it! And another question: why doesn’t this brain have any gray matter, anyway???

Each one of these oversize organs of perception has an adorably distinct look and personality. It may sound a little soft and mushy, but Will truly bonded with each and every one of these excellent lookin’ specimens! He’ll never forget any of these newfound friends and the many precious “Kumbaya” moments they all shared together! 

Painstakingly crafted by Scott (many of you may know as Damaru), Will, and other highly skilled Geppetto artisans, each brain feels that it came into this world in a much loved and appreciated way. Awww... so much love to share! You can just tell by the the look in Will’s eyes. Hmmmm... on second thought, maybe he appears just a little too attached to them!
Another reason for oversize brain costumes: they call attention to the fact that the human brain has been shrinking considerably over the past 28,000 years!!!

Oversized brain costumes have become quite the new fashion rage (by the way, one would look real cute on you, too!). Well dressed folks “in the know” have been spotted all over town sporting them! Instantly improving upon your social status, these charming and cuddly outfits are appropriate for any occasion (fashion victim warning: the only major problem is that taxis won’t ever stop for you!).
Beside being chic and fashionable, being outfitted as an enormous brain is socially responsible! This costume reminds us that “in the course of evolution, the modern human brain has been shrinking over the past 28,000 years. The male brain has decreased from 1,500 to 1,350 cc while the female brain has shrunk by the same relative proportion. For comparison, homo erectus, a relative of humans, had a brain size of 1,100 cc!”.